What I offer


improving the overall quality of your life


doing meaningful work, being the right person at the right place

For teams

healthy work environment, creating positive impact, being sustainable


reducing parental stress, improving connection with the child, being his/her best mentor

Child coaching

learning new skills, developing strengths, build more autonomy and confidence


Sam Joshua, network engineer

This was the conversation I needed. I needed to know what I, as an individual, can do for ME. It's all in me. I just had to realize it. That conversation helped me. Today I can actually maybe a little bit help someone else too.

Angela Paulickova

I appreciated how Tatiana made us reflect on what's important for us, what we want and gave us tools to make it happen. Tatiana is experienced in working with various people and this is visible in how she interacts with them, showing understanding, empathy and optimistic and encouraging approach. People are able, thanks to her, to bring things to the surface.

Victoria Mayne Sweet, International school of Brno

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Tatiana when I was having difficulty dealing with a particular child in my kindergarten class. Talking to her gave me a fresh perspective on the issue and she was able to give me some useful, practical tips that I was able to implement immediately in my classroom. After following her advice for a few months, I saw noticeable improvement in my student's behavior - as a result, I became a much calmer and happier teacher! She has a great understanding of the needs of children, as well as plenty of sympathy for the adults who teach them! I would definitely recommend Tatiana to anyone who works with children on a regular basis or has children of their own.