About me

© Peter Tkáč
In numbers 

* I started to earn my own money with writing at 15, moved to a different country and learned to stand on my own two feet at 18.

* 5 years of Psychology at Masaryk university

* 430 hours of training in Solution Focused Coaching and Supervision, accredited by Association of National Organizations for Supervision and Coaching in Europe, 2016-2019

* 210 hours of Intercultural work training, accredited by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, 2013-2014

* 180 hours training in Collaborative practices, accredited by Houston Galveston Institute, Taos Institute & Narativ Group, 2012-2013

* Held more than 30 trainings on self care and career redesign, both in Czech & English

* Aprox. 100 hours of coaching and supervision in Czech & English  

* Designed 1 year long online training on leadership and wellbeing in Czech

* Designed and delivered 1 long term training on getting a job for stay-at-home mums in English

* Designed the first social good hackathon in the Czech Republic

* 50% rational and structured, 50% intuitive and improvising  

In words

I like:

connecting people and bubbles 

designing experiences for others   




laughing out loud

random acts of kindness


slow breakfast

In more words

… I’m coming from a challenging background, which taught me 2 things: thinking outside the box, and sensitivity to social justice. 

Looking for new perspectives and solutions is what I was ‘trained’ to do since my childhood, and that’s how I ended up training myself later on in postmodern approaches to psychotherapy and coaching, where I’ve learned to open more possibilities for/with my clients as well.

The sensitivity to social justice brought me quite naturally to activism and intercultural work. I spent a couple of years empowering foreigners to rebuild a sense of belonging and dignity on one hand, while inviting locals to engage in conversations and actions with people from different cultural background. Doing good, empowering, and building communities are still important values in my coaching and counselling practice. 

… I experienced burnout a couple of years ago. Slowing down, coaching, connecting with nature and reconnecting with my strengths brought back joy and fulfillment. It taught me to put wellbeing in the first place, be sustainable with my time and energy, put my heart into things that meet my strengths. It is a valuable experience I draw from when working with university students, teachers, social workers, activists, parents…

… At a women leadership workshop we were asked about our role models. My grandma turns 93 this year. She raised 10 kids, survived many tragedies, but she is still full of jokes, hope, and dignity. She taught me to ‘hurry slowly’ – a saying we have that she embodies with grace. I remember she used to comb my hair very slowly, and in the same time much faster than my multitasking, ultrafast mum (who is good at other things). That’s hurrying slowly.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

Lao Tzu