Michal Ryneš

Working with Tatiana helps me to clear my mind, slow down, realize what is happening and what to do next.   (translated from Czech)

Beyadir Basil

Listening with attention and encouraging the participant – with these two skills Tatiana have brought out my abilities and made me appreciate them. Now I have more confidence in myself towards having a job.

Oksana Belkova, Intercultural work coordinator, The Integration Centre Prague (ICP)

Tatiana led a training on how to use coaching in our daily work with clients. I appreciate her communication skills and responsiveness to our questions and modifications. The training with her was fun and excellently prepared. I also experienced the best facilitated internal meeting led by Tatiana. The atmosphere she created enabled us to open the space for sharing and collaboration. I would like to continue our collaboration in the future. (translated from Czech) 

Kamila V.

Our collaboration helped me to overcome the not so easy confinement period due to Covid-19. As a single mother, it was not easy to cope with my son’s school-related issues, beside other problems. I realized how to talk and react to him differently, so he will become more motivated.  (translated from Czech)

 Ján Gerčák, student at Leaf Academy

Shortly before trying to be homeless for 2 weeks, I didn’t exactly know how to prepare for it. With Tatiana’s natural empathy and clear way of explaining things, she took me on a journey of what I may go through. Asking meaningful and reflective questions, she was an insightful mentor who helped me clarify what mindset I want to keep and what is my safety net in times of hardship. This calm rationalization made me feel more self-aware, secure and direct throughout the whole experience.

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