What I offer

I am the coach for people who want to slow down, reduce unnecessary stress and clutter, improve the quality of their life and their relationships, explore their strengths and new possibilities.

I love working with foreigners, freelancers, IT people, doctors, social entrepreneurs, activists, social workers, teachers, university students, people from creative industries, kids, teenagers, parents, stay-at-home mums, LGBTIQ community, and everyone who invites change in their lives.

I prefer working in Czech and English.


* slow down, gain clarity and simplicity in life 

* be sustainable with time & energy 

* connect with others, build nurturing relationships

* transition to a new identity, home or period of life  

* mental wellbeing


* deal with stress, anxiety, multiple roles 

* move from unfulfilling toward meaningful jobs

* decide for one direction or open more possibilities

* build strengths and self confidence


* self care and wellbeing workshops

* individual supervision


* reduce parental stress & improve the connection with your child

* deal with digital disruption at home – screen time, safety

* deal with different behavior issues 

* become his/her best mentor

* raise independent, resilient and happy children


* overcome difficulties in learning, build more autonomy  

* gain social and emotional competences, learn new skills and habits

* develop talents, strengths, self confidence

* career counseling

* deal with stress and anxiety, mental wellbeing

* transition to a new phase, build independence